iPhone Camera Evolution

I was lucky enough to get a new iPhone 7 on launch day and so thought I would test the camera.

Then I realised that I had a selection of iPhones that I could test the camera and compare the shots.

To be clear, I am no photographer and understand little about the techniques and technologies behind photography. This is just for fun.

The Original iPhone (1)

Of course, we know that the original iPhone had a mediocre camera, even by the standards of other non-smart phones (or as we called them back then "phones) available in the market at that time. I am not sure that this is of much use at all.

iPhone 3G

18 months later the first revision of the iPhone brought a better camera, although it barely caught up with the rest of the devices on the market then. However the image here is not much better and the red balance looks over saturated.

iPhone 5

This is four full generations on from the iPhone 3G above, and the image is at least recognisable, however the reds are still over saturated, to my eyes.

iPhone 6s

We jump forward another three generations and finally the image is clear and a decent representation, if I recall the 6s was a big improvement on the 6, camera-wise. However, to my eye the colours look a little washed-out.

iPhone 7

Admittedly, this is only one generation on, but the colours now look much better. The iPhone 7 has image stabilisation built in, so can hold the shutter open longer to gather more light without your shaky hand causing the image to blur.

That said this is not as crisp as perhaps it could be.  Still some work for the engineers at Apple to do, I guess.

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